Giant dogs are in the store, not afraid to enter! Although the dog is dozing off, no one dares to enter the door

Fang, the owner of a dog cafe, tried to bring his Tibetan Mastiff to work, hoping it would attract dog-loving customers. However, people were too afraid to enter the cafe due to the dog's intimidating size. Even though the Mastiff, named Sasha, looked cute and lazy, no one dared to approach. Fang joked that Sasha's cuteness wasn't enough to bring in customers. In addition to Sasha, Fang also brought a Caucasian Shepherd, who was still in the process of socialization.

The Shepherd had a tendency to be aggressive, often trying to take treats from Sasha. Without proper training, it could become a dangerous dog. The trainer closely monitored the dogs during their playtime to prevent conflicts. Visitors were advised not to bring their dogs if they had a history of aggression.

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