Blind dogs and cats are abandoned, while cats refuse to be adopted separately, determined to be with the dogs

Humans are emotional beings, and we form bonds with not only other humans but also animals. The story I want to share today is about a cat and a dog. Four years ago, a family adopted a cat and later got a dog for them to keep each other company. However, the dog had a visual impairment and was blind. The family didn't know how to care for a blind dog and started neglecting it. 
The cat noticed the dog's distress and comforted it. Over time, they became inseparable. Unfortunately, the family abandoned both the cat and the dog, but the cat refused to leave the dog's side at the shelter. Thankfully, after months of waiting, a kind woman adopted both of them and provided a loving home. The cat became the dog's eyes, and they now live happily together in their new garden.

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