Playing and singing on the street, two little cats sat upright listening, gradually attracting a group of Meow Star people. What kind of music do you want to teach!

In both domestic and foreign countries, there are often street performers near the food stalls at night markets. Some use high-pitched loudspeakers to sing, while others play the guitar and sing. As the night markets are always crowded, there are plenty of opportunities to receive rewards. However, many people overlook the fact that there are also many stray animals in the busy night markets. If you sing something unique, you might attract some unexpected audiences... One day, a long-haired street performer was playing the guitar and singing on the street. After a while, two little kittens came and sat in front of him, listening to his songs attentively. 
They looked up at him with admiration... The street performer was happy to have an audience, even if they couldn't give him money. He played and sang even more passionately. Gradually, more and more cats came over... They were such adorable listeners. But hey, street performer, what kind of magical music are you playing? Is it specifically designed to attract cats? Please teach me, I want to learn too! 

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