Is the dog actually secretly loving you? These small details in life make people cry

The protagonist shares several heartwarming stories about their dogs. The first story is about their golden retriever who walked with them to pick up a package and secretly brought back a dumpling as a gift. 
The second story is about their dog, who brought them rice when they were experiencing painful menstrual cramps. 
The third story is about their older dog who surprised them by entering their room and staying by their side when they were going to bed. 
The fourth story is about their obedient dog, who brought them toys in the bathroom while they were using it. 
The fifth story is about their dog, who walked quietly on its tiptoes to not disturb their sleep. 
The final story is about their dog, who left their bone in the protagonist's slipper before passing away. These stories show that dogs express their love in their own ways, and they bring warmth and happiness to our lives.

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