A Feral cat who looks as he pleases. Meow: Since there is no owner, he will grow up casually!

One morning while jogging, a netizen unexpectedly encountered a peculiar stray cat near the residential area. The cat had a black body with white patches on its sharp edges, such as its four paws, two ears, nose, and tail. Its eyes were also a mix of white and black. Its unique appearance caught the attention of anyone who saw it. The cat was friendly and approached the netizen curiously, rubbing against them. The netizen was instantly smitten and considered taking it home but hesitated, wondering if the cat already had an owner. They decided to stay and observe. To their surprise, the cat entered a neighbor's yard. Since it was still early in the morning, the netizen didn't want to disturb anyone and continued their jog. 
Back home, the netizen posted a picture of the cat online, receiving admiration for its carefree appearance. The netizen later visited the new neighbors to catch another glimpse of the cat. However, they were informed that the cat was a stray that frequently visited but did not belong to the family. The netizen regretted not taking the cat home right away. Despite expressing interest in buying the cat, the neighbors declined, saying that since the cat chose their home and their child adored it, they wouldn't sell it and would keep it as a pet. 

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