Learn these cat language, your cat may shake hands like a dog

Cat Communication: Understanding Their Body Language 
1. Signs of Happiness and Friendliness: - Ears pointed forward: indicates interest and friendliness. - Tail held upright with slight curve: a sign of excitement and playfulness. - Observing their posture: if the cat is lying down and exposing their belly, it means they are content and open to being petted. 
2. Signs of Anxiety and Fear: - Ears pressed flat against the head: shows nervousness or fear, and they should be left alone. - Dilated pupils: indicates anxiety and fear, best to let the cat calm down on its own. - Tail tucked between legs: a clear sign of fear or discomfort. 
3. Signs of Anger and Aggression: - Raised fur: a clear sign of anger or aggression. - Upright and fluffy tail: indicates a negative attitude, may lead to an attack. - Flat ears: if the ears are flattened completely, it means the cat is extremely angry and may attack. - Narrowed pupils: usually a sign of aggression, while dilated pupils can be a defensive behavior. 
Understanding a cat's body language can help interpret their emotions and needs. However, each cat may have its own unique expressions, so it's important to observe and learn from your feline companion. 

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