Before my son goes to school, he always says goodbye to the cat in his arms. My mother laughs and says, 'It's like an idol drama.'

Many families now have pets as companions for their children, like cats and dogs, which are loved by kids for their cuteness. A mother shared that her son especially loves cats, so they got one as a pet. Since having the cat, the boy has become a cat lover and treats it as his best friend. 
However, he can't be with the cat all the time because of school. Every day before leaving, he holds the cat tightly and says goodbye. The photo shows the boy hugging the cute cat with both of them looking reluctant to part. The boy strokes the cat's head and tells it to wait for him at home. It's obvious that the cat is also attached to the boy, as it rubs against his shoulder to comfort him. At first, the mother found it adorable, but eventually she couldn't help but laugh, saying it's like a scene from a television drama. 
However, regardless of that, cats and children are innocent and adorable creatures. If they get along well, they can create warmth. As long as the cat is vaccinated and dewormed regularly and the home environment is kept clean, there should be no conflict between raising a cat and caring for a child. Having a cat can also cultivate a child's compassion and sense of responsibility, promoting their psychological well-being. Of course, when choosing a cat breed, it is best to select a gentle one, and parents should guide their children on how to interact with and care for a cat. 

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