The woman hung a mosquito net specifically to prevent the cat from going to bed. However, when she woke up in the middle of the night, her blood pressure skyrocketed due to anger

Do you let your cat into your bedroom when you sleep? Most cat owners know that cats can be restless at night, making it difficult for their owners to get a good sleep. Some people choose to keep their cats outside the bedroom. However, in the story below, the girl is more lenient - she only doesn't allow the cat on the bed. She even sets up a mosquito net to prevent the cat from getting on the bed. One night, the girl wakes up thirsty and finds a dark "unidentified object" staring at her from the top of the mosquito net. Turns out, it was just her cat! 
The cat had even made a hole in the net to get a better view. The girl shares the video of the incident online, generating a lot of attention from netizens. Some point out the irony that the girl should treasure the mosquito net while it's still intact. Others say that the cat loves her and is blocking the only hole for mosquitoes with its face.
In the end, it is clear that no matter how hard you try to keep a cat away from your bedroom, they will always find a way to disturb your sleep. So, if you don't want your cat in your bedroom, it is best to train them to sleep outside when they are young. And remember to feed your cat before bedtime to prevent them from waking you up.

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