The owner thinks the dog is "timid" and doesn't want it. Grandma treats it like a "big baby" and spoils it to 130 pounds. Net: It's too cute

ManMan, a purebred Rottweiler, was abandoned because its previous owner thought it was too timid. It was adopted by its current owner, Ms. Wang, from a shelter. When it first arrived at Ms. Wang's home, ManMan was weak and underweight. However, with the love and care from Ms. Wang and her family, ManMan quickly gained weight and regained its health. It was especially adored by Ms. Wang's grandmother, who treated it like her own grandchild. ManMan repaid the love by staying by her side and providing support. Additionally, ManMan loved playing dress-up with the family's children. Its friendly and obedient nature made it popular among the neighbors and even attracted fans who traveled to meet the famous dog. Do you like ManMan? 

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