The 5 best tempered and most obedient cats in the cat world. They don't cry or make noise, and they like to have one

1. Orange Cat: They have a good temperament, strong physique, and are loyal to their owners. They are not picky eaters and can find their way back home if left outside. They are well-behaved and won't cause any trouble.

2. Garfield Cat: They are independent and don't like to make noise. They can comfort their owners' hearts. Many people like them because of the famous cartoon character.

3. Ragdoll Cat: They have a very good temperament and are tolerant of pain, making them ideal for families with children. They are quiet and never make a fuss.

4. Oriental Shorthair Cat: They are active, curious, loyal, and intelligent. They are similar to dogs and can be trained with treats.

5. Persian Cat: They have long, beautiful fur and an elegant demeanor. They are well-behaved and rarely throw tantrums. However, they are prone to tear stains, so it is best to feed them a mild diet to reduce this issue. Conclusion: Do you have a well-behaved cat at home? Share pictures in the comments and let's see who has the most behaved cat!

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