Cats infected with cat ringworm need to be exposed to the sun. When a woman saw her grandmother's cat exposure method, she said: 'Ginger is still old and spicy.'

When a cat gets infected with ringworm, how do you treat it? This is a common skin disease for cats that can be bothersome and contagious. In this story, a woman's cat named "Bei Da" got infected with ringworm. The doctor advised the woman to expose Bei Da to sunlight every day, in addition to applying ointment. However, the woman was busy and asked her grandmother to do it instead. One day, the woman saw her grandmother hanging Bei Da in a plastic bag outside to dry in the sun, alongside some fish. 
It turned out that her grandmother thought this would be the best way to "treat" the cat. Surprisingly, after a few days of being "sun-dried," Bei Da's ringworm improved significantly. The woman shared her grandmother's unconventional method online, and it brought laughter to many people. They were particularly amused by the cat and the fish. Some joked that it was cruel to torture the cat by giving it fish so near but out of reach. Others suggested that the cat should at least be allowed to face the fish to lick them when bored. People found it amusing and even learned from it. They praised the grandmother's method as effective and convenient. The story ends with a reminder to not give up on treating your cat's ringworm and to give them vitamin supplements and sunlight for better resistance.

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